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Güney Plastik
Güney Plastic; In addition to the distributorship of the leading brands of the industry in the products such as Plastic Garden Furnitures, Rattan Furnitures, Carrying and Stacking Casters-Pallets, Industrial Kitchen Equipments Garbage Containers, Traffic Safety Equipment, Werzalit table chairs and school equipments as well as Outdoor furniture projects "Ayakçı" supported by the production of base.  Güney Plastik Since 1997, Mahmut Cicek has started its commercial life in 2008 under the
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Our Bank Information
TURKISH LIRAS ACCOUNTS ACCOUNT  NAMEGÜNEY BAHÇE MOB.SAN.VE TİC.A.ŞBANK NAMEIBANINGBANK          (TL)TR72 0009 9021 7005 3300 1000 01GARANTI          (TL)TR58 0006 2000 3590 0006 2929 88YAPI KREDİ       (TL)TR92 0006 7010 0000 0052 2089 83 CURRENCY ACCOUNTS  GÜNEY BAHÇE MOB.SAN.VE TİC.A.ŞACCOUNT NAMEIBANINGBANK  (USD)TR67 0009 9021 7005 3300 2000 01INGBTRISINGBANK  (EUR)TR40 0009 9021 700
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